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Space Micro offers a full suite of standard and custom RF products, including SGLS/STDN/USB Transponders, X/Ku/Ka-Band Mission Data Transmitters and custom products such as power amplifiers and RF Beacons. Many of these products feature flight heritage, including recent product launches on the NASA IRIS and LADEE missions. With recent production awards for custom RF Beacons, S-Band Transponders, and our Industry Leading Ka-Band Transmitter, Space Micro continues to offer high performance and low cost solutions in space qualified hardware.

µSGLS-100™ S-Band Transponder

Software Defined Radio which provides critical telemetry, tracking and command links between AFSCN ground stations and military satellites.
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µSTDN-100™ S-Band Transponder

Flight Proven S-Band transponder that provides telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) links between STDN and DSN ground systems via NASA, ESA or Commercial satellites. High performance options for output power, ranging and modulation available.
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µXTx-100™ X-Band Transmitter

Radiation hardened, flight proven X-Band Transmitter designed to meet stringent space requirements for earth imaging and other high speed downlink applications. Embedded power amplifier provides up to 10W output power, with flexible parts program offering lower cost options.
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µKATx-300™ Ka-Band Transmitter

State of the art, high-reliability Ka-Band Transmitter providing very flexible high data rate capability while incorporating advanced digital modulation schemes. Fully frequency agile and on-orbit reconfigurable.
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µXPA™ X-Band Power Amplifier

10-Channel Linearized X-band power amplifier designed and manufactured for the Tacsat-4 satellite program which successfully launched in 9/2011.
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µSBT-100™ S-Band Transponder

Compact, lightweight S-Band transponder available for the STDN, SGLS, and USB protocols.
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RF Beacon

Custom RF solution providing constant tones in UHF, L or S-Band frequencies.