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Space Micro offers an extremely high performance image processing product line based on strong flight heritage. Utilizing our legacy high performance digital computing product heritage, Space Micro has developed an inflight configurable product to satisfy various mission needs. Our original IPC system flew on TACSAT-2, followed by an improved system that is currently operational on ORS-1 (>3 years in orbit). The primary mission of these systems is to take high speed optical or sensor data, perform image processing, non-uniformity correction and image compression packetization of data, and data storage which is then typically down-linked via a high speed mission data transmitter.

The latest generation Image Processing System, the IPC-7000 features a reconfigurable FPGA-based processing board utilizing Virtex 7 FPGA’s. In production now, the IPC-7000 features state-of-the-art processing and memory functions in a compact form-factor (including Power Supply). It features capability to process and storage of multiple complex image streams at aggregate speeds exceeding 40 Gbps, with individual sensor streams at > 10 Gbps. Solid state recorder sizes range from 64 GB to 1 TB. The IPC-7000 is currently in production now for NASA and DoD programs.

The heritage IPC-5000 system has flown on both TACSAT-2 and ORS-1 and features high speed image processing capability utilizing Virtex 5 FPGA’s. The modular system features up to three FPGA’s processing capability, supported by power supply and available 64 Gb mass memory. In production now, the IPC-5000 features high speed fiber optic or LVDS interfaces.