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Microwave Switches

General Microwave Switches and Switch Filter BanksFor the past 50 years, Kratos-General Microwave has been an industry standard in microwave discrete pin diode switches. Today Kratos-General Microwave’s catalog line of switches offer the designer a cost effective approach for discrete components needs by offering a comprehensive catalog of SPST to SP16T switches with various standard options as COTS products. In addition Kratos-General Microwave offers customized switches as well.

Main Features:

  • Operating Frequencies from .1 – 40 GHz
  • Reflective and Non-Reflective
  • Fast Switching Time
  • High Isolation
  • Phase and Amplitude matched (between ports)
  • Low Video Leakage
  • Driver and Driverless switches

Kratos-General Microwave’s catalog line of switches include: