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ITS -Integrated Mobile Towers

Integrated Tower Systems is recognized as the world’s premier OEM-source for rapid-deployment of Mobile Communication Towers, Portable Tower Systems, Communication-Sites-on-Wheels/Light-Trucks (“COWS” and “COLTS”), and Mast-, Satellite- and Tower-Integrated Mobile Command and Communication Centers.  An innovative and extensive line of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS), customized and Military-Spec portable tower solutions support the emergency response, temporary and long-term communications, surveillance, test and other common and proprietary requirements of a global clientele. When situations require higher payload elevation and/or heavier payload capacity, Integrated Tower Systems self-supporting telescopic lattice tower structures deliver the ultimate in performance. ITS towers can elevate payloads from 38 feet (11.5 m) to 106 feet (32 m) standard, and customized to 130 feet (39.5 m)

Advantages of Purchasing from Will-Burt / Integrated Tower Systems

  1. Time Savings
    • Turn-key manufacturing, sales, rental and post-transaction support from a single OEM source; no third-party brokers, re-sellers or middlemen.
    • Fast delivery allows you to receive and deploy with little lead time.
    • Equipment rental alternative from the Nation’s largest fleet of portable tower systems.
    • In-house design, engineering and fabrication services enable rapid turn-around of custom requirements.
  2. Flexibility of Configuration and Deployment
    • Choice from a wide variety of COTS configurations; decades of field-tested results with hundreds of thousands of structure deployments.
    • Immediate availability from sales and rental inventories; transport and logistical support to accommodate your domestic and international needs.
    • Selection from the industry’s strongest, safest and most reliable mast and portable tower systems; standard elevations from 20′ (6m) to 106′ (33m) with customized heights to 130′ (40m) above ground level (AGL).
    • Many solutions offer self-support capabilities enabling quick deployment in confined and guy restricted locations.
  3. Quality Assurance and Safety
    • The Will-Burt Company and Integrated Tower Systems maintain an ISO 9001:2008 registration; the only OEM source for both pneumatic masts and lattice telescopic structures in the world to hold this designation.
    • Military Standards are used as guides in the design and manufacture of all COTS configurations; all tower systems are manufactured with strict adherence to the ANSI TIA/EIA 222-G standard.
    • Advanced safety features and redundant protection devises are standard in all models; enhanced safeguards for both the operator and equipment.
    • Optional guy assemblies afford greater operational and survival capabilities as well as a greater factor of safety.
    • Unit transport and elevated structure lock mechanisms; electronic and manual interlocks for added security.

ITS Rental Fleet & Flexi-Fleet Configurations – Portable Tower Systems

ITS Rental Programs offer a wide variety of innovative, efficient and flexible options to meet customer’s temporary, long-term and emergency communications needs. Whether originating from ITS manufacturing headquarters or a domestic fleet depot, we offer customers both in-house and field services including; training, equipment integration, deployment and decommissioning coordination, customs and transportation logistics, and other necessary services to assist with tower system purchases and temporary use requirements.

ITS -Integrated Mobile Towers