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HUBER+SUHNER also manufactures its own connectors at production sites worldwide. Connectivity solutions for the solar and automotive markets are developed using completely different mechanisms.

Connectors for the solar market

RADOX® SOLAR connectors were specially developed for the solar market and adapted to the market-specific HUBER+SUHNER cable range. Quick, reliable assembly is possible even under harsh conditions using only a few easy-to-handle parts.

The connectors consist of a housing and contact elements. Lamella contacts made from high-quality copper beryllium form the centrepiece of the connection. The lamella is a flexible element responsible for mechanical compensation between the socket and pin. It creates a large contact surface between the elements and guarantees a high current capacity while maintaining a low, constant transition resistance.

Main features of RADOX® SOLAR connectors

  •   Small dimensions
  •   Corrosion resistant
  •   High contact security
  •   High mechanical endurance
  •   Low, constant transition resistance
  •   High current carrying capacity

Connectors for the automotive market

lf_connectors_racs_548x228HUBER+SUHNER has drawn on many years of experience in the connectivity of high-voltage systems to develop the innovative RADOX Automotive Connection System (RACS) for the automotive market.

The cables can be fed directly into the relevant high-voltage units through the space-saving connection plate developed in-house. This means less sealing work and very good resistance values. The RACS are available as made-to-order assemblies or pigtails and can be used in all types of electric and hybrid vehicle.

Main features of RACS

  •   Screened high-voltage connection
  •   Low electrical resistance
  •   High ampacity
  •   Minimum space requirements