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RF_Assy_0001633HUBER+SUHNER makes a significant contribution to simplifying processes by supplying cables assembled with connectors according to customer requirements. The assemblies are manufactured using high-quality cables and connectors, carefully tested according to the relevant standards and delivered with a certificate upon request.

Assemblies manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER offer customers the following advantages:

  •   Cables and connectors are fully compatible with one another
  •   Assemblies are manufactured exactly according to customer specifications
  •   No storage costs for cables and connectors
  •   Personnel do not required specific training
  •   No waste, no safety margin required for production
  • LISCA – Corrugated RF Cable Assemblies
  • minibend™ – High performance, low profile
  • minibend™L – High performance, phase stable, low loss
  • mini141™ – High performance, phase stable, low loss
  • microbend™ – High performance, low loss, low profile
  • SEMI-RIGID – Form stable microwave cable assemblies
  • SUCOTEST – Precision at a constant high level
  • TL-8A – Economical test lead
  • TL-P – High flexible PIM test lead
  • SUCOFLEX® 100 – The high performance microwave cable
  • SUCOFLEX® 200 – Ultra low loss assemblies
  • SUCOFLEX® 300 – The lightweight, high-performance microwave cable
  • SUCOFLEX® 400 – The loss revolution
  • SUCOFLEX® TVAC – The cable assembly for thermal vacuum application

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